CHEESE – The State of Raw Milk is Slow Food‘s 11th edition of the international cheese market held in Bra, Italy, where the association that promotes local and traditional food was born back in 1986 as a statement against the rising culture of fast-food life.

Strolling around the small town that hosts this event every two years is a pleasure for the tastebuds as well as for the eyes. Rather than presenting you with brightly coloured photographs of the great food you can find at the market, however, I thought of showcasing some of the expressions that caught my attention in good old-school b/w, my favourite go-to style to tell a story of people. Because this page is a little tribute to the people of Cheese 2017.

Please note that no polluting vehicle was used to get to the location. My partner and I both rode our bicycles to get there and back from where we live for two days. Not a big deal in terms of distance but a couple of noteworthy hills.

Enjoy and, as always, please share responsibly!

Tech note: All photos taken with Nikon D810 + AF Nikkor 85mm 1.8 and natural light. Conversion to b/w and minor postproduction was carried out using Adobe Lightroom 6 v. 6.12