2023 – Tour of the Monferrato region, in north-western Italy. A UNESCO World Heritage site.

2023 – Corsica again! Quick 1-week tour round the northern part of the country

2022 – Cycling around all of the 18 Faroe Islands (a remote part of the Kingdom of Denmark), lovely little gems in the North Atlantic (Video coming soon!)

2021 – Home-Home round trip via the 7 major climbs of the Tour de France + variations (Col de la Lombarde, Cime de la Bonette, Col de Vars, Colle dell’Agnello, Colle di Sampeyre, Colle dei Morti)

2020 – Home (Northern Italy)- Home round trip via Geneva, Switzerland via the Route des Grandes Alpes (24,000 mt level in total, including Col de Larche, Col de Vars, Col de l’Izoard, Col de l’Iseran, Col du Galibier, Col du Lautaret, Colle dell’Agnello, Colle di Sampeyre)

2019 – Ulaanbaatar to Lake Khövsgöl (Mongolia)

2018 – Copenhagen to Reykjavík via Tórshavn (Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland)

2017 – Scotland (the South, Inner and Outer Hebrides)

2016 – Home to Dublin (Italy, France, England, Wales, Ireland)

2015 – Morocco (Marrakech to Merzouga via the High Atlas)

2015 – Iceland (Ring Road + detours, Landmannalaugar, Laki, Kjölur)

2015 – Corsica

2014 – Iceland (Ring Road)

2014 – Corsica 

2013 – Iceland (Southwest, Kjölur, Western Fjords) and Norway

2012 – Scotland (Mainland + Orkneys)

2011 – Grand tour of the Irish coastline (4,000km)

2009 – Ireland (Dublin to Galway via the South)

2005 – Ireland (Dublin, Galway, Sligo, Dublin)

2002 – Croatia